What does the holiday party entail?

It’s a full-day affair, and as experience experts, we pull out all the stops! During the day, expect holiday-themed activities, volunteer work, lunch, beverages and a whole lot of fun! At night, enjoy a party complete with dinner, drinks, dancing and more. Cheers to all our hard work this year!


What do I wear?

Feel free to rock a day and night outfit or just one that goes from day to night. Day attire is general holiday wear. For night, we encourage après ski chic — from fluffy hats to furry boots, Nordic patterns to 80s-inspired puffy jackets — or just dress your best. You’ll have time to change at the office before heading to the evening portion of the party.


Where and when should my plus one meet me?

At the event venue at 6 pm. If they can’t make it until a bit later, that works too! FYI - parking is limited at the venue.


Is transportation provided to the evening portion of the party?

Yes! We will ferry you from EA to the venue. No Ubers, Lyfts or public transpo required. Plus, you can expense your rides home post-party.


Is there somewhere to store my things at the venue?

Yes, there will be a coat check and an area for you to store your bag at the venue. As always, we don’t recommend leaving valuables unattended (EA and the venue aren’t liable for lost or stolen items).